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Dreamwalker in Atlantis (English)


Title: Dreamwalker in Atlantis
Author: Erik Istrup
Genre: Fiction, Visionary & metaphysical
Publisher: Erik Istrup Publishing
Print & distribution: Ingram Spark
Binding: E-book, paperback
Language: English (British), (also in Danish)
Published: 11. January 2019
Pages: 182
Measurement & weight: 203 x 127 mm (5 x 8 in) & 204 g / 0.451 lbs
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  ISBN13: 978-87-92980-74-8 (9788792980748)

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  ePub ISBN13: 978-87-92980-75-5 (9788792980755)
  Smashwords edition ISBN13: 978-87-92980-76-2 for epub, mobi, lrf

  List price: DKK 96.50 | £10.99 | €12.99 | US$ 14.99 | CA$ 18.99 | AU$ 19.99

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Back cover text

The man, Yadar works among other things as a dream walker in the land of Alt, known as Atlantis. As dream walker, he prepares and assist a person from this life to get safely to the other side after death.

 Yadar gets experiences in dreams and meditations that shows him that he has had other lives. To his great surprise, he also experiences glimpses of events in possible future lives. He even experiences lives on other planets, and it becomes increasing difficult for him to keep track of who he is. However, he can get help from friends in his other world. There is also help to gain, from his other I’s that he meets in dreams and meditations.

The author uses his own experiences from this and other lives as the basis for the book.

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The Index

The work as a dreamwalker
The temple of rejuvenation
Preparation for the dream walk
Azuru Timu
The boy with the mask
The man with the pointed hat
The answer to the divine
The start of my existence
The small god
The land of white
Uniformity and unification
A nature’s being as a human
The dream walk
The other people
In dialogue with nature
Journey through the land
The broken heart
The chief’s son
The king’s dancer and musician

The dying warrior
The guiding star
A red planet and a princess in red
Another diplomatic mission
The big Chinese
The misdeed
Servant for an Egyptian prince
Stone age
The Cathar
The secrets of the alchemist
A mystery school
The mirror in the cathedral
A mirror in depth of darkness
Tira, the most beautiful
The death camp
The threads are joined
About the author

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A multidimensional and impressive book
Dreamwalker in Atlantis is a multidimensional and impressive book. Strange longing and interest in Atlantis, got answers and fulfilment. Furthermore, I somehow among with it, it will continue to affect. To consciousness, to energies. Creativity. I got the contact portions are really not aware of, I hope that I have received them to unite with me. And that something could manifest through me and in my paintings, for example. These energies and changes often do not seem easy, but the receptivity also changes. Things in the book are still alive, and this book creates bridges, connection, miraculous energies, and the New. I wish it the best possible success now and always.
  - Raija Lyytinen.  Aug. 2, 2020, Messenger.


This book is doorway into a history long forgotten
It's not about the words! This book is doorway into a history long forgotten.
We live in a world where so often books serve as nothing more than a reinforcement for our beliefs about the nature of reality and the history of consciousness on this planet. In other words, we want what we read to match our truth.
  Not for me. Instead books are passageways for a greater awareness, a vehicle to dive even deeper into Self and my own knowingness.
  'Dreamwalker in Atlantis' did this for me. Not only did I find myself in the story of Yadar, I also found myself deep in my own experience of my lifetimes as a Dreamwalker in Atlantis.
  For me, this book was not about the words on the paper, it was a portal into lifetimes and a civilization long forgotten despite its deep and unwavering impact on the world we live in today.
  And that's the best kind of book - one that serves as a gateway into deeper understanding of where we came from and what we are living today should the Atlantean Dream be of interest to you.
  Thank you for a job well done, Erik Istrup! I highly recommend this book for anyone with an interest or connection between Atlantis and its relation to the story of Yeshua. You may just find yourself in your own Atlantean lifetimes remembering the intense beauty, splitting heartache and well, all of it.
  - Lauren Hutton, Sar'h.5 stars Jan. 4, 2020,


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