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How do I chanage my life?

The easy answer to the question in the headline will be: "Choose to do it, stop wishing; choose to live out your passion; make that jump from the old life into the new; all it takes is a slap with the tail". But many of us have realised that it is not always that easy to create our wishes and desires here on planet Earth.

First I must consciousnessly realize that there is something in my present life that I want to change.
     Second I must figure out what I want to replace it with. If I remove something without replacing it with something else, then I have a hole that could be filled with something I unconsciousnessly creates or attracts.
     Step three is to find the courage to actually make the jump. The jump itself is not the hardest part, but to let go of the well known and therefore safe no matter how it looks, can be quite a challenge.
     Even when I have chosen the new things I want to have in my life, the adjustments to the outer world may make it seem different than what I would expect. This means that I must get use to live with a certain amount of uncertainty of what I create in my life. This uncertainty can vanish if you know that all is well, that your essence is safe and that you never are alone.

Help and understanding

The book Choose a Simple Living - Your life is as you choose to live it
A book about personal development, directing the reader to look upon his life and throw away many of the things that just pileup, leaving him/her with a simpler life with higher abundance and understanding of self.
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Other books

The book The Songs of Kamal
Like Neale Donald Walsch in "Conversations with God", Kamal gives us, in his poetic style, a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of a seeker's experience through these personal diary pages in his dialogue with The One. We witness his deep love and compassion for humanity and his honesty and devotion to the divine. The book is also published in Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, and Greek!
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The book With Sai Baba by My Side
Marguerite Jalving, is a person with both feet on the ground. With her high heels and elegant style, she stands with her strong temperament, firm in her own opinions. She gives vent to spontaneous anger as well as enthusiasm and sometimes less humble thoughts to Sri Sathya Sai Baba, when she thinks, He goes too far. At the same time, she feels the deepest affection and humble surrender for the divine, which is this book’s paradox. You will find the book both humorous and deeply devotional; a picture of a human being’s dialogue with the divine, with its dreams and heavenly visions.
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