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Choose a Simple Living


Title: Choose a Simple Living
Author: Erik Istrup
Genre: Lifestyle & personal style guides
Publisher: Erik Istrup Publishing
Print & distribution: Ingram Spark
Binding: Paperback, e-book, illustrated
Language: English, (also in Danish)
Published: 14. Dec. 2013
Pages: 120
Measurement & weight: 198 x 129 x 8 mm & 135 g
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  ISBN13: 978-87-994659-9-6 (9788799465996)

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Back cover text

Most books about self growth or self involvement starts by telling how you can let go of all the old stuff that you have gathered through your life until now. But when you start to pierce a hole in the bag it becomes quite overwhelming. I have chosen to start at the embryo and talks about how and why we pick up all the things from which we use to build us self. When we understand this, it’s easier to let go of the things we no longer want to be a part of who we are.
  Self involvement means that the Self consciously chooses to evolve. We constantly evolve but only when we become aware the Self or the personality takes an active part in this and starts an exponential growth in understand life itself. It is about getting an overview; overview takes away many frustrations about not being able to understand one’s own situation, and when the frustrations diminish, one have more energy to actually be an active and aware participant in one’s life.
  The book is written with the focus that the message must be simple. If one tries to explain too much, the message often gets complex and therefore more difficult to grasp and use on a daily basis. I paint a picture with few colours and not too many shades so the reader can take over the canvas and work on it from there.

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The Index

 I am talking to you
 The truth
Part 1: Consciousness
 To be aware of one’s consciousness
 Energy and consciousness
 All that is
 The love of God
 Your growing understanding of yourself
 The person and the observer
 How the human identity is constructed
 The mass consciousness
 To live outside the mass consciousness
 Degeneration of the human body
 Feelings or emotions
 From a thought world to a feel world
 The Brain

 From sensing feelings to knowingness
 Male and female
 From balance to harmony
 Clean up
 Communicating with the cells in your body
 The stones in the cake box
 The catalyst
Part 2: Illusions
 Past, present, future
 Accept yourself as you are
 All is well
Part 3: Addendum
 Vipasana meditation technique

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A book of great wisdom
  Choose a simple living by Erik Istrup - is a book full of great wisdom that guides us to live a simple and sincere life.
 I have had the great pleasure of reading the book. During my reading, I often was confirmed in things I already knew, while at other times, I got some eye-opening experiences where I thought - oh well, one can also do or think that way!
  There are also things that are hard to understand, but then you can ask into (ask your Higher Self) and get an answer.
  The last thing the book says is about meditation, it is an important point. To meditate daily, gives joy and clarity.
  I meditate daily for 15 minutes.
    - Elze Gemahliell 2014-01-30 (from Danish).


An emotional and thought-provoking book
  Choose a Simple Living is an emotional- and thought-provoking book that gives the reader insight into choosing a simple live, which can give an overview and peace.
  The book requires presence, because there is information in each sentence. When I, as a reader, gave the book my fully presence, I experienced a deep inner peace and distant healing. It is as if Erik writes directly to the reader. The book provides more than just technical knowledge.
  At the end of each section the reader is encouraged to immerse itself in the issues in relation to one's own life. This inspired me to reflect on the issues after having laid down the book.
  The book can be used as a reference book, since each section is completed.
Erik enters spiritual as well as more mundane topics. The contents can be used as concrete tools that I have started to use in my everyday life.
  If you would like to have concrete explanations on that there is more to life than the obvious, Choose a Simple Living, is a comprehensive book.
  - Rikke Jehs Løh 2014-02-10 (from Danish).

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