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Script Writer & Actor - Your life's show

The series

Book 1: To be Human or to be All
Book 2: Captain & Passenger - hwo runs your life?
Book 3: Script Writer & Actor - Your life's show

Visit the series website at The Writings of Eriqa Queen
This is the third title in the sequal series to "The Adventures of Luzi Cane"


Title: Script Writer & Actor
Sub title: Your life's show
Series title: The Adventures of Julia Wang
Number in series: 3
Author: Eriqa Queen
Genre: Fiction, modern fantasy, visionary & Metaphysical
Publisher: Erik Istrup Publishing
Print & distribution: Ingram Spark
Binding: E-book, paperback, hardback, no illustrations
Language: English (British)
Published: 1. March 2024
Pages: 292
Measurement & weight (hardback): Trim: 203 x 127 x 20.7 mm (5 x 8 x 0.688 in) & 446 g / 0.984 lbs
Measurement & weight (paperback): Trim: 203 x 127 x 16.7 mm (5 x 8 x 0.657 in) & 321 g / 0.707 lbs

  ISBN13: 978-87-94110-46-4 (9788794110464)

  List price: DKK 211.00 | £24.40 | €27.20 | US$28.70 | CA$ 39.50 | AU$ 43.50

  ISBN13: 978-87-94110-47-1 (9788794110471)

  List price: DKK 193.00 | £19.60 | €22.00 | US$ 23.20 | CA$ 31.90 | AU$ 35.20

  ePub ISBN13: 978-87-94110-48-8 (9788794110488)

  List price: DKK 96.50 | £10.99 | €12.99 | US$ 14.99 | CA$ 18.99 | AU$ 19.99

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Back cover text

The series, written in sequence, is not based on drama and conflict, but loaded with a deep understanding of the human construct and beyond, and hints at transformative choices in life.

 The ship, Wego, is a non-hierarchic vehicle for consciousness and the human, which is energy, to meet and become one. Wego, sets sail, and consciousness writes the script with New Energy ink. As the first letter takes form, Wego follows the pen’s exact course on the Sea of Life.

 Julia turns seventeen and her physical connections to the world broaden. She makes new friends and family members, which include animals. Being a young adult brings Julia her most eventful summer holidays in this life so far.

 Humour keeps the story light, and deep moments may give the eyes some extra moist. Both show we have heart.

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The Index

Wego, the good ships sails on
 Julia’s 17th birthday
 Our bird friends
 Remaining with an unpleasant feeling
 Picnic by a large waterfall in Elvendale
 Visiting Evie in her dorm
 Evie causes a trend in LAE
Summer half term
 Evie’s parents
 Oakhill Road
 Julia visits Hastings

The Twins
 Two plus two plus two
 Jo-Ann’s birthday
Hearing versus listening
Summer holidays
 Julia at Carl’s business course
 Combined birthday party in Sevenoaks
 Julia, Evie and Ya as artisans
 Visiting Villefranche-sur-Mer with Evie
 Visiting Hastings with Evie
Author’s comments

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