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Pegasus Makes an Entrance

"This book is for the child in everyone – a magical page-turner which engages your heart and soul."


Title: Pegasus Makes an Entrance
Series title: Adventures with Pegasus
Number in series: 1
Author: Scout P Walker
Cover art: Stella de Burca
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Juvenile, 6-12 years
Publisher: Erik Istrup Publishing
Print & distribution: Ingram Spark (retailers: Ingram's iPage)
Binding: E-book, paperback
Language: English (UK)
Published: 6. December 2021
Pages: 440
Measurement & weight: 127 x 203 x 15mm (5 x 8 x 0.98in) & 476 g / 1.05 lbs

  ISBN13: 978-87-94110-21-1 (9788794110211)

  List price: DKK 157 | £17.99 | €21.20 | US$ 23.90 | CA$ 30.60 | AU$ 33.80

  ePub ISBN13: 978-87-94110-22-8 (9788794110228)

  List price: DKK 65,80 | £7.99 | €8.99 | US$ 9.99 | CA$ 12.99 | AU$ 13.99

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Back cover text

The ten-year twins are delighted when a scruffy brown pony appears almost on their doorstep in the summer holiday. Reuben, a bit of a dare-devil, or stupid as his sister Esme says, decides to ride Mr Nibbs.

  That was it! The twin’s lives change forever. It turns out that Mr Nibbs is a special agent sent to recruit them into a world of different realities.

  Old Woman, who is also Young Man, and an Earth Guardian, has noted the children have the qualities needed to join the elite corps of young spiritual warriors training to protect the Earth from further human harm. The mythical flying horse Pegasus is called in to assist with their training.

  Through their adventures with Pegasus they meet all sorts of beings. Eventually some friends are brought in for support, including the girl, Rose, Esme’s strange friend. Esme’s dream animals walk with her in the dense three dimensional world of ordinary human reality.

  There is one big problem. Once recruited, the children come to the attention of the Magnificent Master of Malicious Magic. This unhappy Being feeds off fear and wants the world to remain full of chaos. He doesn’t want the children to succeed. They will need protecting!

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Author’s Note

Although I have always enjoyed writing, it had never occurred to me to write a book. Articles were what I enjoyed: researching a topic, including through experience where possible. I was good at that. And then one day a character from this book popped into my head and asked that I write a story about him. This of course was Pegasus. I wrote the first two chapters with ease, and having received constructive criticism and approval from a couple of 10-year olds, blithely carried on with chapter three. I completed it and hit a blank wall: the story lines completely dried up and I had no idea where to go next.

  That was over 25 years ago. Life was busy at the time and I forgot all about Adventures with Pegasus ... until a few years ago when a clear-out of my old writings led me to handwritten sheets of those first two chapters. I read through them, felt enthusiasm rising and ended up having to say ‘Woa’ to the numerous characters and their stories that were clamouring to get out of my head and onto the page.

  And Pegasus, bless his beautiful wings, although not the main protagonist in the stories, remains a key character in the background, ready to rather grumpily lead the children into new adventures when they are in danger of becoming complacent, and stop questioning whether ‘how things are’ is the best way they can be.

  The main theme running through the adventures that Pegasus initiates for the twins and their friends is that of our human relationships: with each other and with all the other sentient beings with whom we share life on this beautiful planet Earth, including those Beings who are invisible to most people. The more adventures the children have, the more they learn to be ever curious and open to other realities.

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I’ve had support and encouragement from many people during the long drawn out process of producing this book, but without the input from many of the story’s own characters I would never have put pen to paper in the first place. Some of these characters badger me within my mind or dreams, demanding I tell a story about them. Others are actual animal personalities I have lived with or known, who have brought joy and on occasion sadness into my life and caused me to wish that I could speak dog, cat, horse, eagle, crow or mouse.

  And I thank those 10-year olds who read the first two chapters and asked me to write more; and the adults who read the story and told me how much they enjoyed it; and my twin daughters who helped in various ways with getting the story ready for publication. And I thank those members of the Shaumbra family who responded to my request for advice on how to ‘get this book out into the world’, and started me off on my steps towards publication by putting me in touch with Erik my oh so patient publisher, and Stella who created the lovely image of Mr Nibbs and Pegasus that adorns the front cover. And I thank earth angel Belara.

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The Index

1 - A Small Brown Pony
2 - Cloud Nine
3 - A Good Sister
4 - Old Woman
5 - Weird and More Weird
6 - Mouse ThreeMillionSix
7 - A Strange Gift
8 - Mala the Gypsy
9 - The Joker
10 - Dogs in Trouble
11 - A Nightmare
12 - Just Who is Rose?
13 - Merlin’s blunder
14 - A Christmas Present
15 - Esme in Tears

16 - Peter Sees
17 - Reuben in Shock
18 - A Trip to the Zoo
19 - A Strange Young Man
20 - Birds in Cages
21 - Peter ‘s Secret
22 - Three Ponies for Three Children
23 - Never Make Assumptions
24 - Three Become Four
25 - Hannelore
26 - Buzzchat meets Hannelore
27 - Saved by a Dragon
28 - What Will Be Next?
Author’s note

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Exciting story, important message
This story ticks all the boxes with its content of adventure, fantasy and a wake-up call to adults and children. The author has managed to convey an important message without being preachy. The animals and other non-human creatures are both lovable and sometimes tetchy, rather like us humans. I look forward to the next instalment. Meanwhile I will pay more attention to nature in all its forms!
- W. K. Harris


Wonderful story
Beautifully written with so much thought and detail put into the story and characters. Would highly recommend as a gift or to read yourself. I have gotten a great response from everyone who it was gifted to!


Love this book
Love the way mystical creatures and magical adventures become part of everyday life. It took me back to my own childhood. Highly recommend this book. Great present for children.


Very enjoyable mystical adventure
Exciting story line which reads and flows well, ideal for children.


A magical page-turner
This book is for the child in everyone – a magical page-turner which engages your heart and soul.
- N


Got hooked right from the start
Love this book. The relationship between the twins is quite special. There is a real earthiness at the centre and the enchanting stories and mythical creatures are totally believable, interweaving effortlessly into daily life. Got hooked right from the start.
- T


I can’t wait for my next adventure!
This book transported me to my ‘happy place’, that child we all have deep inside, where everything is possible and your imagination is in Technicolor. I was there, and I can’t wait for my next adventure!
- Lena.


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