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Iñawaingé - one who sees
- Black and White Edition

The series

Book 1: Pathfinder Into Inner Realms
Book 2: Wanderer on a Strange World
Book 3: Iñawaingé - one who sees
Book 4: Into the Infinite


Title: Iñawaingé - one who sees
Subtitle: Black and White Edition
Series title: Apa Shanko
Number in series: 3
Author: Eduardo Zotz
Cover photo: Eduardo Zotz
Genre: Autobiography
Publisher: Erik Istrup Publishing
Print & distribution: Ingram Spark
Binding: E-book, paperback
Language: English (US), Español
Published: 13. April 2023 (2nd edition)
Pages: 162
Measurement & weight: 216 x 140 x 9.6 mm (5.5 x 8.5 x 0.379 in) & 217 g / 0.478 lbs

  ISBN13: 978-87-94110-37-2 (9788794110372)

  List price: DKK 163 | £19.20 | €21.90 | US$ 23.99 | CA$ 32.30 | AU$ 35.80

  ePub ISBN13: 978-87-92980-97-7 (9788792980977) (color edition)

  List price: DKK 68 | £7.99 | €8.99 | US$ 9.99 | CA$ 12.99 | AU$ 14.99

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Back cover text

What we see with our physical eyes is not all there is, the real wonder is not out there, but inside us, only being seen with the eyes of the Spirit, with not only beautiful visions, but also visions of our Real self, helping us to heal, this book is dedicated to both, in order to ascend we need to heal first, then exploring our Inner Realms, we may Transcend our Human condition and become Light.


Being in the Amazon jungle may not be the first stepping stone to find one’s true self, but one of the last stones needed. A return to Mother Earth, for grounding and healing may give one the peace and support that is required for this inner work. Nature speaks in many ways which this book series truly shows. You will feel necked and at times even raw and totally alone in all this…

No one can do your inner job for you, but guidance, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry at, can prove to be gems on your journey. We all do this our own way. The song “I did it my way” may show you there is no wrong way nor a right way, only your way.

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About the author

Eduardo Zotz was born in the South of Brazil, a Traveler by passion, and a Yagesero, he lives in Ecuador and works as Jungle guide.

 You can get in touch with the Author through:

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The Index

Wají Sikuani
Power From The Heart
They Are Here!
The Puzzle
Roots of Yagé
The Eagle Dream
The Four Directions
The Four Fears
Ant Hill
Shadows in the Forest
Dreaming Messages
Mother’s Womb
Full Circle
A Messenger From God
Wanting and Receiving
A River Singing in the Sky
Uku’wati A’i
Little Black Viper
The Cross and the Nails

Talking Birds
The Fool and the Damned
Magic Mountain
Mom has the Medicine
Candle Light
Visions of Self
Jungle Doctor
Dark Forest
Big Nose
Healing Negative Energies
Healings in Ceremony
Meeting Mr. Death
A Close Call
Into the Body
Transient Soul
Mirror Healing
Blue Heart of a Jaguar
Cucos (Attachments)
Cleansing Dark Energies
Heal, Ascend and Transcend
The New Sun
About the Author

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