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Guardians of the Crystals


Title: Guardians of the Crystals
Seriels title: Through the eyes of Angels
Seriels number: 1
Genre: Visual and Transformative Fiction
Author: Kristine M. Anderson
Translator: Zane Muciniece
Editing: Robert L. Franklin
Cover art: Pobytov (iStock licence)
Publisher: Erik Istrup Publishing
Print & destribution: Ingram Spark
Binding: Hardcover, softcover, e-book
Language: English
Original language: Latvian
Published: 29. November 2020
Pages: 210
Measurement & weight (hardcover): 216 x 140 (trim) x 16 mm, 417 g
Measurement & weight (softcover): Paperback 216 x 140 x 12 mm, 274 g)

Hardcover ISBN13: 978-87-94110-00-6 (9788794110006)

  List price: DKK 209.00 | GBP 25.00 | EUR 28.00 | US$ 33.50 | AU$ 45.70 | CA$ 43.70

softcover ISBN13: 978-87-94110-01-3 (9788794110013)

  List price: DKK 168.00 | GBP 20.00 | EUR 22.50 | US$ 26.80 | AU$ 36.20 | CA$ 34.90

  ePub ISBN13: 978-87-94110-02-0 (9788794110020)

  List price: DKK 84.00 | GBP 9.99 | EUR 11.99 | US$ 13.99 | CA$ 17.99 | AU$ 18.99

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About the book

Silence is the foundation of everything…
 Have you ever listened to the Silence? Try it and you will hear a voice that is never silent.
 The voice of your heart.
 It tells you how special, strong, and unique you are because it brings with it the power given to every person on Earth to make his life a miracle of light and joy. Listen to the voice of your heart and look at the world around you through your heart.
 That is what Amanda and Stephan did in the first book of this series.

Amanda’s life is turned upside down in one night - she learns that her dad is seriously ill. Aunt Sofia comes to help the family and takes Amanda and her sister to her house in the mountains, in the midst of a beautiful valley. Here she meets a young boy, Stefan, whose life, like Amanda’s, has not been easy. At one point, the young people realize that Aunt Sofia has a secret that unexpectedly engages them in exciting adventures in an unknown beautiful world, and allows them to discover in themselves tremendous strength and courage. The values they learn not only change them, but lead them to change their world.

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About the author

Kristine M. Anderson Kristine M. Anderson, a pen name for Latvian author Kristine Muciniece, has written four novels and two books with short deep-sense essays all published in Latvia. Guardians of the Crystals is the first book of the series Through the Eyes of Angels.
 When disease and loss came into her family, her perception of the world and value system changed. She started to write and became an independent author and lecturer. Her books are well-read in Latvia and Kristine often meets readers on her book tours. Her books invite readers to open themselves to their deepest feelings, and gives them the courage to make a difference in their lives.
 Novels are visual, sensual, and transformative - with strong characters, their life paths, experiences, and insights. These stories can be read in the facet of readers’ choice - either as an adventure or through deep feelings and take what falls into readers’ hearts.

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Wonderfully beautifully written book. I really enjoyed it.
- Kristīne Daugule.


I really, really like this book. I read it again. The feelings I felt reading this book cannot be described in words. Something very special and familiar. Thanks to the author!
- Paula Cepleviča.


To stop. To feel. To believe. To be One Whole.
- Linda Lielvārde.


Fantastic, brought me to the world of dreams! Thanks!
- Anita.


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