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The Fairy of the Pink Lotus


Title: The Fairy of the Pink Lotus
Genre: Juvenile - fantasy
Author: Katina Ivanova
Cover art: K’s Artists -
Publisher: Erik Istrup Publishing
Print & destribution: Ingram Spark
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Published: 10. February 2021
Pages: 48
Messurement & weight (hardcover): 203 x 203 (trim) x 6 mm, 313 g

Hardcover ISBN13: 978-87-92980-72-4 (9788792980724)

  List price: DKK 212.00 | GBP 25.00 | EUR 28.50 | US$ 34.20 | AU$ 44.80 | CA$ 43.80

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About the book

The story, inspired by ancient Chinese folklore, happens in a land of wisdom, peace and harmony. Here, the tiny and magical fairy lives with her friends in and around a huge lake with thousands of pink lotus flowers. The story gains momentum when the fairy meets a young boy with a magical bamboo flute. They set out on a quest to the White Mountain to rescue a blue baby dragon. There are also moments to discover when the bees speak about their world of colours and scents, and it is truly a joyful land to visit for both adults and children. The author studied Chinese philosophy and heritage for over a decade, which shows in the text. It is a relaxing and educational story for children at age 4-9 and has a high rereading value.

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About the author

Katina Ivanova The author studied Chinese Philosophy and Qi gong since year 2003 and also travelled around China in 2008. The book is inspired by Chinese folklore and also has a discovery part with its moments of insight. The author has a university degree in Archaeology and History of Culture followed by self-researching student projects in Ancient History Department in Copenhagen University, Denmark.
 The book has very relaxing and joyful content that is also educative with little gems of wisdom in the text and the stories. There is a gentle and warming feeling into the story that comes from the native Chinese fairy tales, which were inspiring for the author. The story is about a land of joy, love and harmony where peace and friendship thrive. The reader is transported in a beautiful land that can bring happiness and wisdom. After returning from this magical place we can feel the joy and reread the story to be brought back to the lake of the fairy of the pink lotus.

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