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Article: The Best Tools to Publish a Book on a Budget

Self-publishing is booming, and with this transition comes a plethora of organisations worldwide offering author services to writers. But what if your budget doesn't extend to a professional editor, typesetter, cover designer, and so forth? Does this mean your book will not meet industry standards, be of poor quality, or sadly never be published? Absolutely not.
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Article: How to Write Dialogue

Why do we make such a fuss about dialogue? Dialogue requires a different mindset from prose writing. Many of us have difficulty switching between the two—even experienced authors. We write descriptive scenes, back story, or the other narrative elements in one consistent voice—our own, the first-person narrator, or another style we’ve adopted for that book. That’s easy and we can get into the flow. But to write dialogue, we have to break into other voices and mindsets—which can be an awkward gear change. Many writers leave their story potential untapped because they get stuck in a non-dialogue mode of writing.
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Article: 6 Tips for Writing Children’s Books

It’s common to think how easy it must be to write children’s books, dreaming of a shiny pile of colourful book covers, hoping that your children’s book is the one that parents roll their eyes at because their children ask for it again and again and again! Well, the bad news is that it is NOT that easy. Here are six tips to help you navigate the world of writing children’s books.
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Article: Why publishing through EIP

Or why you should self-publish your book

An author can publish their own books and that is so great! There is a learning curve though and not two print/publishers (the one who prints and publishes you book) require the same and have the same features.
During my time as a self-publisher and publisher I have learned a lot. There has been a lot of things I do differently now than in the beginning. Even to know the steps in the process is a great release and one can be much more relaxed.
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