Every human is a world citizen and every artistic creation should be accessible to the whole world. Thus, all publications are without territorial limitations, and I'll see to, that all publications can be found in international databases, no matter the language. There is different media and formats for the same publication, and all e-books on for example Smashwords are avaiable as epub, mobi (Kindle), pdf (Adobe), and lrf (Sony).

Espresso Book Machine ® is a network of POD machines located in the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia that are often located within bookstores, libraries and universities. These machines can print and bind black and white interior paperback books with color covers on site within a few minutes.

The latest publications not in Danish

A life changing journey with a master

Softcover & e-book.

Getting Real About Enlightenment

a modern companion to your journey of sovereign spirituality.

The Soul of the White Dragon

1st in the Luzi Cane series.
Softcover & e-book.

Τα Τραγούδια του Καμάλ

The Greek translation of "The Songs of Kamal".
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Los Cantos de Kamal

The Spanish translation of "The Songs of Kamal".
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Chansons de Kamal

The French translation of "The Songs of Kamal".
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The songs of Kamal

The english translation of "Kamals Sange".
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Choose a Simple Living

A book about self growth, leading the reader to choose a simpler life with more surplus and understanding of self.

With Sai Baba by my side

Marguerite Jalvings facinating experiences with the Indian master Sai Baba. 316 pages.

Le Canzoni di Kamal

The Italian translation of "The Songs of Kamal".
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Uanga - Saga

The Greenlandic translatation of "Jeg - Saga": A 17 year old girl with autism tells about her life.

Fierce Tiger Gone

Children's book.

Gefärlicher Tiger verschwunden

Children's book in German.

Projects we support

Messages come to us in countless ways. We have chosen to support the following projects that each in their own way, contribute with messages about the highest values and man's eternal ability to make conscious choices.
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The environment is in focus

The environment must always be paramount, because it forms the basis for our lives and wellbeing. Our printer partners use SFI, FSC, and PEFC approved products in the production and have an overall focus on reducing the environmental impact in any part of their business.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative: www.fscus.org
Forest Stewardship Council ® United Kingdom: www.fsc-uk.org
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification: www.pefc.org

PrintOnDemand-Worldwide.com: Environmental Book Printing Overview
Lightning Source UK LTD: Environmental Policy + Chain of Custody Certification (pdf)